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How to choose a clinic I can transport my cells to

How to choose an IVF clinic


We know, how difficult it is. There are so many possibilities to choose from! It appears one would have to became an expert in fertility clinics to be able to make final decision. Let us help you. Learn some proven tips on how to choose an assisted reproductive centre and what to focus on.


Your very basic check list to help you choose the best option for IVF treatment

  • SUCCESS RATES - professional and successful clinics openly present their results on website and list those in a form of success rates overview, ideally grouped in woman's age since there is significant differance when it comes to age related results,
  • REFERENCES - credible assisted reproduction centres list clients' references on website, run social networks for an overview of success, couples' feedback and interaction. There are also many chat platforms where you can find information about the experience other people had, but it is good to bear in mind not every single comment is relevant or mirrors the true. If you read many good reviews on the clinic you like and than one or two bad once, do not let it ruin your impression, bad reference can be result of unhappiness of struggling couple (understandebly) and not reality of the actual treatment quality,
  • LAW AND LEGISLATION - top clinics list transparent information about law, legislation and restrictions applied in the country for fertility treatment to avoid any misunderstandings (e.g. the treatment you seek is not allowed in the country of clinic you might opt for),
  • DETAILED PRICELIST - best clinics list prices on their website or offer to fill the questioner with treatment options to choose from and you would be provided with exact price calculation.  Another good identifier is clearly communicated information about additional fees, such as remedies not beeing included in price, because it is not clear at this point what pharmaceuticals you would need and what dosage. 

While deciding for the clinic to undergo your treatment with there are more aspects to look at.

Extensive care

Top assisted reproduction centres also provide specialised genetic and immunological examinations for IVF treatment. The identification of infertility issue and tailoring IVF treatment to it is essencial. Advanced testing methods such as PGS/PGD lead to giving a chance for a healthy baby by identifying embryo with genetic disorder and choosing the one with no abnormality for transfer and increasing treatment success. Great variety of fertility treatment methods is always a good sign.

Number of transferred embryos

Less is more. That it the latest trend of modern assisted reproduction leading to higher success rates. There were times when the common practice was to transfer three or four embryos in one treatment cycle to increase chance of pregnancy. But that reality changed. Now you can actually identify good clinic by the number of embryos transfered. The fact of one embryo being transfered only as common practice or two if requested and as an exception approved by doctor, shows experienced centre with top laboratory where they are able to cultivate and select the most suitable healthy embryo for transfer. 

The clinic's working hours

The assisted reproduction centre's working hours policy is also important. It is good to find out at the beginning of the entire IVF treatment process who you can contact if there is any unexpected issue. Professional clinics have IVF coordinators in their teams who are assigned to couple for entire treatmet process to assist and help to navigate throughout whole process as comfortably as possible.


The clinic should be accredited for assisted reproduction by the relevant state authorities. 


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