Worldwide Courier Transport Service for IVF

About us

Worldwide Courier Transport Service of Embryos, Sperm and Eggs

Why with us

We focus on maximum safe of the consignment.

We are aware that your cells feature inestimable value. In many cases they cannot be replaced and they represent start of new life. To maximize the safety, we provide the transport at several levels.

We care about everything

We perform complete transport from a clinic to a clinic. We can manage all documentation and provide all necessary permission to enable smooth and no-problem transport of your cells.

We are inviting and transparent

All our activities are based on mutual confidence. We are always acting transparently and you will be informed on all actions. We are open to you requirements and we are ready to implement them.


Over 400 transport in 3 years

In recent 3 years, we have realised over four hundred of transports to all continents.  Within these journeys, our couriers have always safely transported the reproductive cells from a clinic to a clinic.

Tens of clinics

In recent 3 years, our people have established relations to tens of clinics worldwide. Thus due to the long-term cooperation we are able to speed up the mutual communication and also the whole period of the transport preparation tasks.


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