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Personal data protection

Personal data controller

Company name: Biocouriers s.r.o.
IČ: 07317549
Vedená: Krajský soud v Brně C 100000
Address: Bednaříkova 2893/1a, 628 00 Brno - Líšeň
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel.: +420 603 207 803

To be able to receive all updated information and data on protection of your personal data we ask you to read and understood the rules of our company specified below. In case of modification of the rules the relevant changes will be published at this web page.

Personal data processed by us

​Our company will collect following personal data in electronic form:

  • Address and identification data (title, name and surname, postal address, Company ID, VAT Payer ID),
  • Contact data (telephone number, email address),
  • Other data (bank connection, history of orders)
  • Cookies

Cookies represent small amount of data sent by a server to a browser, which will be stored on your computer. The cookies serve to collection of standard internet statistical information and information on behaviour of visitors of our web pages. We will use the gained information and data for monitoring of use of the internet pages and to development of statistical reports on activities on the internet pages, however without linking to particular persons. You can delete the cookies from your computer at any time.

Purpose of processing
  • Execution of the contract, on basis of GDPR, art. 6, par. 1, item b),
  • Complying with the legal obligations of the Controller specified by the generally applicable legal regulation, i.e. on basis of GDPR, art. 6, par. 1, item c) (such as the Controller's obligation to keep the accounting an tax documents),
  • Determination, performing or justification of the Controller's legal claims, i.e. on basis of GDPR, art. 6, par. 1, item f),
  • Sending of commercial notifications, on basis of GDPR, art. 6, par. 1, item f), due to existence of the justified interest of the Controller within the direct marketing.
  • Monitoring of use of the internet pages and creation of statistical reports on activities on the internet pages.
Processors and receivers of personal data​

The Controller is entitled to transfer the personal data to subjects, with which it has concluded a personal data processing agreement, and which will process the personal data for the Controller as its processors. On basis of above-mentioned stipulation, the Controller is entitled to transfer the personal data of the Data Subject to following subject, resp. the subject categories.

Google LLC, Google Ireland Limited and contractual partners of Google LLC (detailed information of the Google data protection)

In addition, your personal data can be transferred to following recipients / recipient categories:

  • Suppliers of the Controller,
  • Persons in other contractual relation with the Controller (e.g. accounting service provider)
  • Financial and insurance institutions,
  • State administration bodies within performing of legal obligations of the Controller specified by relevant legal regulations.
Personal data processing time period

​The personal data will be processed only for time period necessary with view to their processing purpose. regarding the above-mentioned:

  • For purpose acc. to item a) above, the personal data will be processed up to termination of the contractual obligations (this does not affect the possible further processing of the personal data by the Controller in necessary scope for purposed acc. to items b), c), d) and/or e) above,
  • For purpose acc. to item b) above, the personal data will be processed for duration period of relevant legal obligation of the Controller,
  • For purpose acc. to item c) above, the personal data will be processed up to expiration of 4th calendar year following the termination of the guarantee period acc. to the agreement, however at least up to expiration of the 5th calendar year following termination of the contractual obligations,
  • In case of launching and duration of the court, administration or other proceedings, which will be resolving the rights and obligations of the Controller towards you, the personal data processing time period acc. to the item c) above will not expire, until such proceeding is completed,
  • for purposes of sending the commercial communications acc. to the item d) above, the personal data will be processed, until you express your disapproval with such processing,
  • For purpose of monitoring of use of the internet pages and developing of the statistical reports on activities on the internet pages, the personal data in form of cookies will be processed for 14 months.

Up to end of the calendar quarter following the expiration of the processing period at the latest, the relevant personal data, for which the purpose for their processing has terminated, will be disposed (shredding of other method ensuring the unauthorised persons will not gain access to the personal data).

Personal data processing method

The personal data are processed by the Controller. The processing is performed by authorised employees of the Controller, resp. by the Processors. The processing is realised by means of IT equipment, resp. also manually for the personal data in paper form, whole complying of all safety principles applicable for the personal data controlling and processing. To this purpose, the Controller has taken technical and administrative measures to ensure protection of the personal data, particularly measures preventing the unauthorised or accidental access to the personal data, their modification, destruction or loss, unauthorised transfers, unauthorised processing, as well as other misuse of the personal data. All subjects, to which the personal data can be made available, shall respect your right to the privacy protection, and are obliged to comply with applicable legal regulations related to the personal data protection.

Your rights

Right to access to the personal data means that you are entitled to receive from the Controller the information, whether it processes your personal data, and if yes, what the data area and how they are processed. In addition, you are entitled to require that the Controller without unnecessary delay has to correct any non-exact personal data related to you. You are at any time entitled to add the incomplete personal data.

Right to deletion of the personal data means that the Controller is obliged to dispose the personal data processed on you, when specific conditions and complied with and you request so.

You are entitled that in specific cases the Controller limits the processing of your personal data. You are entitled to object at any time the processing based on justified interests of the Controller, third person, or if it is necessary for the tasks performed in public interest or in realisation of public power.

Right to the data transferability gives you the possibility to gain the personal data provided to the Controller in common and machine-readable format. These data can be subsequently handed over to other controller, or if technically possible, ask to transfer the data between the controllers.

Right to repeal at any time the consent with the personal data processing is not applied, as your personal data are not processed on basis on consent with the processing.

In case of monitoring of use of the internet pages and development of statistical reports on activities on the internet pages, you can cancel the measurement in settings of your PC, resp. setting of your internet browser.

Please find below the links to the instructions for administration of cookies for some of most often used browsers:

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

In case you are not satisfied with processing of your personal data performed by the Controller, you can at any time file the complaint directly to it or contact the Personal Data Protection Authority.

More details on rights of the client are available on internet pages of the Personal Data Protection Authrority


What are cookies?

Text files that websites store on your computer or mobile device when you start using the website.

  • First party cookies are cookies that are stored when you visit a website. They can then only be read by the website in question. In addition, websites can potentially use external services that also store their own cookies - so-called third-party cookies.
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The time cookies are stored on the user's computer is determined by their nature. Some cookies are limited by the duration of the session (so-called session cookies). These cookies exist only while the web browser is running and are automatically deleted when the browser is closed. Other cookies are persistent ("persistent cookies"). These cookies remain in the web browser after it has been closed until a specified date, or until they are manually deleted by the user. These cookies can be used to identify the administrator's computer when the web browser is restarted and the internet is browsed. Cookies do not affect the technical use of the computer and do not contain any viruses or other threats.

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Optional cookies

We process your data in accordance with our privacy policy for the following purposes: visitor feedback in the form of analytical web usage statistics, storage or access to information on your device, content measurement, advertising and product development.


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