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  • Long-term co-operation

    BioCouriers have been working with dozens of clinics and agencies around the world for a long time. For regular shipping there is the possibility of concluding an individual long-term contract. This makes transport preparation much easier and your company can devote more time to direct customer care. Thanks to many years’ experience in the field, we offer assistance in document preparation and processing necessary permits.

  • Cryoshipping to all countries of the world

    BioCouriers provide the transportation of cells to all continents of the world, but local regulations can regulate the transportation of cells in various ways. Each shippment must be verified and planned with all participating clinics and partners. We have extensive know-how and are able to offer solutions according to the needs of your clients. You are wellcome to contact us for more information.

BioCouriers ensure safe cryoshipping between clinics and IVF health care providers.

  • Personal transport of embryos, sperm, eggs and other cells

    Courier transport is the safest way to ship cells from the sending clinic to the destination clinic. The container is supervised by skilled courier all the way, container's condition and temperature is constantly checked and container is protected from possible over-tipping. When transporting by air, the courier always carries the container on-board.

  • X-ray protection

    At all airports on the way of the shippment, we provide an exception to X-ray control, which is highly dangerous for cells.

  • Shipping containers

    Specially designed MVE Chart cryogenic containers with extra high resistance protection are used for transportation. There is a special absorbent material inside the container releasing the liquid nitrogen vapours gradually. Therefore, the temperature inside the container is stable for many days after initial filling. The containers meet the requirements of IATA International Aviation Regulations and are allowed to be carried by air and on board.

  • Temperature measuring devices

    There is a temperature logger  Testo part of each container, with extra high resistance, designed specially for measurement at ultra-low temperatures. The temperature levels of transport container are recorded every minute. A graph with the data recorded is part of the final report available to all parties involved after successfully reaching the destination.

  • Final Report

    There is a final report generated for both, the sending and the receiving clinic, including a graph of temperature levels' measurements from the entire transport.

  • We comply with EU legislation

    Our company is under the jurisdiction of the European Union, namely Regulations 2004/23/EC, 2006/17/EC and 2006/86/EC defining good distribution practice requirements. We go through regular in-depth audit focused on quality control, procedures and processes related to tissue and cell distribution activities.

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