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BioCouriers offer professional cryoshipment services, transporting embryos, sperm, eggs and other cells between fertility clinics and medical laboratories worldwide.

BioCouriers worldwide network

We are a team of logistics professionals and experienced couriers, always making sure shipping of your IVF samples is safe all the way throughout the transport from one destination to another.

Our team is fully dedicated to the cause and have many years of hands-on experience with shipping human materials therefore there is always solution to any issue that may arise.

We are licenced to transfer tissues and cells with liquid nitrogen. With us your precious consignment is in safe hands. Literally.

Cryoshipping for assisted reproduction with BioCouriers

  • Legal compliance

We are tied to the competent authorities such as International Customs and State Health agencies. Therefore all our assignments are handled with full legal compliance and in a safe and secure manner. Thanks to our extended services we are proudly taking an important part on many IVF journeys.

  • Hundreds transports worldwide

We have successfully executed hundreds worldwide cryoshipments of reproductive cells across more than 80 countries. We are skilled in the handling of sensitive goods, our procedures are compliant with IATA regulations. Courier assigned for the transport is with your consignment from the start to finish, ensuring personally its safety.

  • Global Coverage

We consider every destination. Our logistic experts seek solution for each order, work through all settlement operations to meet customer’s requirements and compliance with legal restrictions in the particular country.

  • We take care of everything

During years of our existence we have established long-term relationships with dozens of clinics around the world. We’re able to speed up mutual communication between clinics and therefore the entire transport process. We arrange related documentation and provide with all necessary permits so transport of your cells is carried out smoothly and you are spared from an unnecessary stress.

  • We are helpful and transparent

We consider establishing mutual trust as the cornerstone of success. We handle every shipment with care and manage on an individual basis. All shipments are personally overseen by assigned professional until delivery and signature. We work transparently and keep you informed about all the steps related to your consignment. We are always open to your requirements.  



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