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5 most common reasons for transporting your frozen reproductive cells


There are several reasons why couple decide to undergo fertility treatment in other country than the one they live in. Therefore  companies such as BioCouriers offer complex logistic services to transport sensitive reproductive cells (embryos, sperm and eggs) to fertility clinics and institutions around the world. And what are the most common reasons for choosing a foreign assisted reproduction centre? 


1) Choosing the sex of the child

There is allowed to choose sex of your baby in a few countries, method for selection is testing the embryos without the need for health reasons. In most countries, gender selection is only possible in cases where the newborn child is demonstrably suffering from a hereditary disorder that the other sex won't suffer from.

2) Age restriction for artificial insemination

There are various age restrictions to undergo fertility treatment for women in different countries, including those within the European Union. Therefore, if a woman exceeds this age, she may choose new destination for her IVF treatment where the age limit is above the one in her country. 

3) Surrogacy

The same sex couples or the couples where woman is not able to complete sucesfully pregnancy for health reasons are given option to choose surrogacy for completing their family. The surrogate is a woman, who agrees to get pregnant within IVF process with couple's embryo and than carries their child until the birth of the baby. Surrogate agrees to give up parental rights. Surrogacy is not allowed at all in several countries (e.g. in Germany or Austria) or is restricted in some way.  In some countries surrogacy is not really specified by the law and than it is allowed to treat the couple with surrogate within those "non-specifications" (e.g. in the Czech Republic). There are countries where surrogacy is explicitly allowed (e.g. in the US, Georgia or Ukraine).

4) Quality of service

One of the reasons why clients choose foreign assisted reproduction centre is the quality of services, clinic facilities and its references. These aspects are often crucial in the case of such a sensitive issue fertility treatment is.

5) Price of services

The financial aspect plays major role in making final decision while choosing the clinic for your fertility tretment. For example, the Czech Republic is renowned for both the quality of its services as well as its relatively low prices, so its reproductive clinics are the final choice by many of foreign clients (e.g. from Germany, Austria, Italy, Ireland, Great Britain, France, Hungary, etc.). It is adviced to get familiar with pricing policy of choosen clinic, since it can differ a lot by its specification and could get confusing, such as price packages and special deals. Always require detailed overview of the whole cost for one cycle treatment and ask if there are any additional charges (medicaments, tests, etc). 


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