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Shipping for IVF worldwide during the COVID-19

Shipping for IVF worldwide during the COVID-19The COVID-19 pandemic and related travel limitations & restrictions has brought significant challenges for those planning their IVF treatment abroad and wishing to move their embryos or cell between clinics.

Therefore it has became essential to choose professional and experienced partner dealing with shipping for IVF on daily basis. It is more important than ever to choose provider of IVF transportation services who operates within proper channels and follow all the requirements and regulations of each country transporting across.

Safe shipping for IVF around the world

We at BioCouriers monitor the situation country by country and follow progress of limitations and restrictions to be able promptly adapt adequate transportation processes. Our team of logistic specialists and IVF couriers has been and is ready to hand carry your precious embryos or cells between clinics and laboratories worldwide - personally delivering cryocontainer by hand.

We are here to answer any of yours logistics-related questions and deal with the necessary preparations related to shipping process. Our team is well trained, knowledgeable, and experienced. We know what is needed to be taken care of as efficiently as possible.

IVF shipping professional solution

Our goal stays unchanged - to provide a professional, reliable IVF shipping solution of cryopreserved, temperature-sensitive IVF samples. Since this is a very specialized and personal service we focus utmost to attention to detail for a successful transport, ensuring safe transport of embryos, eggs and sperm from origin to its final destination throughout the world.

We operate with each and every assignment strictly confidentially and always on an individual basis. Our quality management system is set to supervise every stage of the shipping process to protect your precious IVF samples, using professional cryogenic shipping containers approved for safe shipping and on-board transportation.

Constant monitoring of world shipping limitations and restrictions

Keeping your embryos or cells safe at all times is of the utmost importance regardless of whether there is a pandemic or not. Strict procedures stays as the same as the modern, reliable technologies and skilled IVF couriers.

What has changed within our neat procedures is including non-stop monitoring of world shipping limitations and restrictions and apply those to our processes to be able to arrange the most effective, suitable and safe travel path solutions to transport your precious cells around the world.

  • Wish to ship embryos, eggs, or sperm? Get in touch, we are happy to advice or quote.

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