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Strong partner in cryoshipping for IVF

Carlos Alberto Leiva Signes MAHRTACARLOS ALBERTO LEIVA SIGNES has helped many families realize their dream of having children.

Specialising in Reproductive Medicine with donors and related Assisted Reproduction Technologies.

Completed studies as Specialist in Assisted Reproduction within American Society of Reproductive Medicine and the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. He is a member of Association of Reproductive Managers, founder and president of the Asociación AGAR and member of the Spanish Fertility Society.

Carlos Alberto Leiva Signes is accredited with the Certificate of the World Medical Tourism Association declaring him qualified professional in assisted reproduction field. His 10+ years of practical experience in Assisted Reproduction, establishing many relationships with medical institutions and professionals from all over the world specialising in egg donor programs and surrogacy, enables him to provide clients with clinical and legal security.

Mr. Signes, you are in the field of assisted reproduction for quite many years and that fact makes you to be able to comment on the infertility issues the world is facing. What do you consider to be critical to handle in this area?

Well, as we are all aware, the world is changing rapidly, ecological issues are pressing as ever and solution is crucial as the same as the survival of humans. Infertility is on the rise for quite some time, in women and men both. From the very practical point of view, the most important is to stay active in developing assisted reproduction technologies, methods and programs to be able to offer sophisticated solutions to those dealing with infertility - advanced methods such as preimplantation genetic diagnostics or in vitro fertilisation with intracytoplasmic sperm injection, complex donor programs and surrogacy programs.

Could you be more specific about donor and surrogacy programs as those seem to be new "trend" in assisted reproduction field.

Yes, that is true. The option to be able to complete the family with the help of donors or surrogates has become a real chance to became parents for those being unable to conceive healthy child with own cells or to women not being able to carry embryo from the medical reasons.

As the most welcomed is considered to be an egg donation program. Egg donation is the process where a woman donates eggs for another women to be able to conceive as part of an IVF treatment. Egg donation treatment involves in vitro fertilisation technology, with the eggs being fertilised in the laboratory; unfertilised eggs may be frozen and stored for later use. Egg donor programs are recently the most available in Ukraine, Spain, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Canada, Argentina, Georgia, Ireland, USA, Albania, etc.

Then there is an option of surrogacy. Surrogacy is an arrangement, supported by a legal agreement, whereby a woman (the surrogate mother) agrees to bear a child for another person who will become the child's parent(s) after the birth. The surrogate mother is remunerated for her services in addition to compensation of medical expenses in assisted reproductive technologies and reimbursement of lost wages.

With many countries being mentioned, it is obvious couples travel abroad for IVF treatments. And that is where IVF couriers, such as BioCouriers you cooperate with, step in the process. Why your company opt for BioCouries?

Well, we could not think of any better partner to handle our clients' shipments when it comes to reliable, effective, well organised and safe transportation of cells for IVF around the world. We have had the good fortune of working with BioCouriers for several years now and with a number of cryo-shippments occurring at the same time, involving detailed planning, precise scheduling, transparent communication of those plans with all parties involved was critical. BioCouriers' knowledge, experience and efforts are the significant contribution to the entire process in accomplishing what is required and planned.

For us BioCouries is a synonym for hard work and personal dedication to the cause. Something we value as well. And they have become an integral part of the successful completion of our clients' needs. And that is what our reputation of reliable partner depends on.

Do you think the trend to travel abroad for the treatment as the same as the routine move of the cells aroud the world is the trend we can expect to rise in future? Even with the Covid pandemic reshaping the world?

Yes. Definitely. People are more and more getting use to seek the help wherever it is offered. So if it is not in their local area/country they look elsewhere. And the desire to became a parent gives people strong drive to overcome any challenges. And crossing the borders seems to be the least. Specially when there are years of proven experiences within the institutions, agencies and other experts contributing to the whole process leading to bringing new life to the world.

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