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Closer look: ZyMōt microfluidic sperm sorting

BioCouriers ZyMot sperm selectionZyMōt Microfluidic Sperm Sorting, an advanced method of sperm preparation and revolutionary sperm selection method by ZyMōt microfluid chips.

ZyMōt uses sperm’s natural swimming ability to separate progressively motile sperm from the rest. More motile sperm are more likely to help achieve a successful pregnancy. 

ZyMōt devices collect the best-performing sperm for use in ART procedures, which can lead to better patient outcomes.

If dealing with male-factor infertility, there may have been an additional sperm health challenges that could stand in the way of the success, such as low motility, low count, abnormal morphology, or damage to the genetic material that sperm contain (DNA fragmentation).

ZyMōt has been designed to mimic the body’s natural mode of sperm selection. The Microfluidic Sperm Sorting method represents a new gentle alternative to standard sperm processing that does not require any prior treatment of the sperm sample and the use of devices (e.g. centrifuge) that can increase the oxidative stress of sperm.

ZyMōt is a device, also called a chip, which is used in the IVF laboratory to prepare and select sperm for insemination by intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). ZyMōt relies on the sperm actively swimming through the membrane filter in the chip, demonstrating motility.

The chip has an inlet for the sample, which is linked to the outlet opening with a microfluidic duct. The untreated sperm is introduced into the inflow and only motile and morphologically normal sperm are able to swim through the chip to the outflow where it is collected for use. The selected sperms exhibit better morphology, genetic quality and double the viability and motility of unsorted sperms.

The method has been shown to increase cycle success rates by up to 25%.

Is ZyMōt effective?

ZyMōt is relatively new. Recent data collected within the period 2017 - 2020 concluded the following:

  • overall sperm numbers significantly lower with ZyMōt than standard preparation methods
  • sperm prepared using ZyMōt are significantly better than established methods in terms of total motility, normal sperm morphology and sperm DNA fragmentation levels
  • with ZyMōt sperm separation for ICSI, clinical pregnancy is significantly more likely than when sperm was prepared with standard methods

What are the indications for the use of ZyMōt?

  • repeatedly failed IUI in a previous cycle
  • low fertilization rate of eggs using the ICSI method
  • repeated miscarriages repeated embryo transfers without subsequent embryo implantation
  • poor embryo quality in a previous IVF cycle

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