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What is there to know about cryoshipping

What is there to know about cryoshippingCryoshipping is professional transport service of the cryopreserved cells. 

Professional carriers specialized in cryoshipping ensure cells would be handled and transported from its original to final destination without any cells' viability compromision.

To maintain cryogenic temperature during the shipping of cells for IVF (eggs, sperm, embryos) is critical for their integrity and success of following fertility treatment. 

Cryopreserved reproductive tissue is stored either directly in large tanks of liquid nitrogen which has a consistent temperature below -190°C, or in liquid nitrogen vapours which varies between -160°C and -190°C. Cells intended to be shipped are transported in a dry shipper, required to be approved by the International Air transport Association (IATA) in order to be carried on aircraft.


A dry shipper is a specialized shipping tank that is pre-treated with liquid nitrogen. Shipper requires to be controlled and tested before each use, to ensure its ability to keep samples safely cryopreserved for up to 10 days.

Dry shippers come in different sizes, each size maintains the temperature for a specified length of time. Dry shippers are very similar in construction to the storage tanks used in an IVF laboratory. Additionally they are lined with a special layer of foam, which absorbs the nitrogen. Shippers are certified to maintain the temperature at the requisite -190°C for a specified period of time.

There are various services offered when it comes to cryoshipping services. The most basic (and the least safe way) is to transport the dry shipper as a cargo. The safest way is an exclusive hand carry service, where a courier is assigned to the shipper and is supervising it personally throughout the whole transport, caring the shipment literally from "door to door".

The shipper is sealed at the collection point and the seal is broken by the receiving institution. The shipper is not x-rayed or opened during the security screening.


A temperature data logger is an essential part of cryoshipping tank in order for carrier to perform professional transport service and to be able data recorded provide to all parties involved - the client and both, sending and receiving, institution.

Temperature logger is the main method of quality control and assurance that required temperature is maintained throughout the whole journey. The data must be stored in a secure manner that allows it to be accessed and matched to any shipment. Carrier must be able to show a continuous temperature log for every shipment.

Shippers might also use an additional monitoring tool - the weigh of the shipper. There is a dry weight, a fully charged weight and a critical weight when the temperature begins to rise.

Specialized cryoshippers record weight parameters when the shipper is purchased; any change than is an indication that there is either a moisture build up or a break down of the foam. It is possible to calculate how long the shipper can maintain the optimum temperature from its weight. In case of unexpected delay in transit courier is able to determine how long he has before an emergency recharge of liquid nitrogen is required and plan accordingly.


  • what exactly is included in the total price (if lease of the dry shipper is included, if the transportation of the shipper to original and from the final destination is also included, if transit fees are included)
  • if cryoshipper uses a temperature data logger with its shippers and provides a copy of the data
  • if the service is a hand carry and personally supervised
  • if there are any third parties involved in the transportation process
  • how long will the journey take from the collection to delivery point
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