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T.G., Switzerland

"After an international relocation, I relied on BioCouriers to transport my frozen sperm samples to Switzerland. I was understandably anxious but the whole process went really smoothly and fast. After my written authorization, the sending and recipient clinics coordinated everything with BioCouriers without the need for further involvement from my side. Immediately after the transport, Mr Lupac emailed me to confirm that the samples have arrived successfully and also sent me the temperature recording from the trip. Their prices were also very affordable considering the total cost of the IVF procedure.“

M.P. and J.I., Norway

„We used BioCouriers services to transport our embryos inside and outside Europe and we are absolutely pleased with the professional and efficient service that has been offered to us. In particular, we appreciated the ongoing updates of the information and the final report which included the container's temperature profile recorded throughout the transport. We chose BioCouriers because we found the contract conditions and procedures very clear and straightforward. We always received answers to our questions on the same day or within a few days. We definitely recommend BioCouriers service!“

A.G., United Kingdom

"We were looking to ship our only embryo from the UK to Georgia. Having instructed another shipping company, we got nowhere. After a while, we re-instructed BioCouriers and Marek was in charge of the shipment. We found Marek quite professional from start to end. The clinic where our embryo was stored was very slow however Marek relentlessly chased up the clinic with numerous emails (even contacting the management) to get our embryo released successfully. If it wasn't for Marek we would still be struggling to get the embryo out from the clinic. We highly recommend using Marek and his company for peace of mind."


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